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Written by David Noel-Davies   


ImageWhat Is IP Sniffer?: IP Sniffer is a freeware protocol analyzer, or packet sniffer, developed by Erwan's Lab.


IP Sniffer System Requirements: IP Sniffer is designed to run on the Microsoft Windows operating system platform. It can use raw sockets in Windows 2000, WinPCap or an NDIS protocol to facilitate the packet capture.


What Can IP Sniffer Do?: You can use IP Sniffer to analyze and troubleshoot many network connectivity and bandwidth issues. IP Sniffer can help you:


·         Monitor bandwidth usage

·         Compile network adapter statistics

·         List and manage ARP entries

·         Resolve IP addresses to MAC addresses and (or MAC to IP)

·         List and manage routes

·         Enable or disable a host as a router

·         List and manage open ports and attached processes.



Security Auditing Features: Aside from the standard-issue packet sniffer features like filtering, decoding, parsing and replaying packets, IP Sniffer can also be used for security or auditing functions such as:


·         Enumerating Windows servers by type

·         Shutdown Windows machines

·         Determine remote properties

·         Acquire netbios names

·         Reveal asterisk passwords

·         Decode RDP and MDB

·         Edit LSA secret passwords



Download IP Sniffer: You can download your free copy of IP Sniffer from Erwan's Lab here:


 ·         IP Sniffer Download
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