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Written by David Noel-Davies   


ImageWhat Is Analyzer?: Analyzer is a fully configurable network analyzer, or packet sniffer, program for Win32 environments. It is a public domain project available free of charge.


Analyzer System Requirements: Analyzer is able to capture packets on all Windows platforms (and link-layer technologies) supported by WinPcap, except for Windows 95.

Using Analyzer: Analyzer is a packet capturing tool. It captures packets from the network and displays them through a graphical interface. You can specify the network adapter (used for the capturing and monitoring process), specify an appropriate filter, select, copy and paste packets.


Advanced Features: The advanced features of Analyzer allow you to make (and plot) statistics of the captured packets and to plot statistics in real time (number of packets flowing through the network and so on).


Download Analyzer: To download your free copy of Analyzer, click here:

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