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Written by David Noel-Davies   


ImageWhat Is AnalogX Packetmon?: AnalogX Packetmon is a packet monitor (hence the Packetmon) written by AnalogX (hence the AnalogX). It is a small and powerful protocol analyzer or packet sniffer utility.


What Data Can AnalogX Packetmon Capture?: AnalogX Packetmon can capture packets that originate from the machine it is running on as well as packets from other computers on the same network. AnalogX Packetmon also has a powerful rule system which allows you to restrict or narrow down what packets are captured so you don't have to sift through mountains of data to find what you are looking for.


What Can AnalogX Packtmon Do With The Data?: AnalogX Packetmon provides a viewing utility which allows you to view the header information from each captured packet as well as the packet contents.


Can The Data Be Exported?: AnalogX Packetmon has the ability to export the captured data in a standard, comma-delimited data file which can be imported into a wide variety of other applications for further analysis or usefulness.


Download AnalogX Packetmon: You can get Packetmon from the AnalogX web site by clicking here:

 ·         Download AnalogX Packetmon
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