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Written by David Noel-Davies   


ImageWhat Is SnoopAnalyzer Standard?: SnoopAnalyzer Standard is a network protocol analyzer (packet sniffer) for Microsoft Windows platforms(95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP).


What Does SnoopAnalyzer Standard Do?: You can capture useful network information about IP, TCP, UDP, and other protocol traffic. SnoopPlugin DLLs will let you acquire and analyze a variety of network information.


 How Do You Use SnoopAnalyzer Standard?: SnoopAnalyzer Standard requires the WinPcap driver in order to function. If WinPcap driver is not yet installed, it first. Once the WinPcap driver is installed, click on the link below to download SnoopAnalyzer Standard.


Why Choose SnoopAnalyzer Standard?: SnoopAnalyzer allows you to create custom filters by writing your on SnoopPlugins. This gives you the flexibility to capture and anayze packets on your network as you choose.


 Download SnoopAnalyzer Standard: Click on this link to download SnoopAnalyzer Standard:


·         SnoopAnalyzer Standard Download


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