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Written by David Noel-Davies   
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Module 2.1 - ITIL v3 Foundation - SD and ST's
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ImageNice to see you are all still with us, and not completely glazed over, now we are going to explore the scope and value to the business of Service Design and Service Transition, agreed, not the hotest topics around, but everything falls apart without them. the important things here are to drill into your mind the terms of reference, this is one thing I cant enphesise enough.


The importance of understanding  the Key points, scope and business benifits are critcal to putting all the pieces of the jigsaw together at the end.....the end being two fold 1) the exam, 2) the implemtation to your customers.


Service Design (SD)

The service design volume provides guidance for the design and development of services and service management processes. It covers design principles and methods for converting strategic objectives into portfolios of services and service assets. The scope of Service Design is not limited to new services, It includes the changes and improvements necessary to increase or maintain value to customers over the lifecycle, The continuity of services, achievements of service levels, and conformance o standards ad regulations. It guides organizations on how to develop design capabilities for service management.


Service Design (SD)

            Provides guidance for the design and development of services and Service Management processes

            The scope includes new services, and the changes and improvements necessary to increase or maintain value to the customers over the lifecycle of services.


Scope of SD

            Design of:

                        New and changed services

                        Service management systems and tools (e.g. Service Portfolio)

                        Technology architecture and management systems

                        Processes required

                        Measurement methods and metrics

The main purpose of the Service Design stage of lifecycle is the design of a new or changed service for introduction into the live environment. It is important that a holistic approach to all aspects of design is adopted and that when changing or amending any of the individual elements of design all other aspects are considered. Thus when designing and developing a new application, this shouldn’t be done in isolation, but should also consider the impact on the overall service, the Service Portfolio and Catalog, the technology, the Service management processes and the necessary measurements and metrics. This will ensure that not only the functional elements are addressed by design, but also that all of the management and operational requirements are addresses as a fundamental part of the design and are not added as an afterthought.


Value to business of SD

Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)
Improved quality of service (QOS)
Improved consistency of service
Easier implementation of new  or changed services
Improved service alignment
More effective service improvement
Improved IT Governance
More effective ITSM
Improved information and decision making.


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