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Written by David Noel-Davies   
ImageResearch done by Marshal has identified ONE (thats right, just one) Botnet is responsible for 7.8 BILLION  messages per hour and the trend is to try and infect your computer (getting your added to the botnet) Using ‘controversial’ or ‘shocking’ subject lines to trick you into opening these messages the first thing they do is try to infect your PC.  Health products (Male Enhancement / Diet) make up fully 2/3  (66.4%) of the spam with specific product sales (Pedi Paws, etc) at distant second at 16.9%. Malware infected e-mail (or e-mail taking you to a malware infecting site) round out the top 3 at an additional 11.1%.  That leaves less than 6% of spam to be spread around in the Financial / Adult / Phishing / Education / Gambling / Scams / Stock categories.

It is interesting that the US still leads as the source of spam with almost 25% coming from this one location though the top spam sender changes to Europe when you break things down by Continent. The total volume of spam continues to increase with over double the volume from 1 year ago.

So what can you do?

Don’t add to the problem by having your PC added to a Botnet. If you suspect your PC is infected get a professional to check it out even if you are pretty good with computers as the professional has years of experience in rooting out problems. One thing that has helped lots of people I have worked with is to take the time to setup separate Admin and User accounts in Windows. Make sure the Admin account has a good password and only use this account to install patches and updates (you do patch regularly – right?) Every other account on your computer should be a ‘user’ account or a ‘limited’ account. This gives you more protection because a malware site that is trying to install something behind the scenes as you (the user) can’t.

Don’t ever, ever, ever reply to a spammer or purchase anything from a site that has come to you via an bulk e-mail. Why is 60 to 70% of the spam related to health products? Because someone must be buying or clicking on the links in the spam! Don’t be one of them – don’t support the Drug Dealers of the Internet! You would run off anyone trying to sell pills of questionable quality if they were near your kids school wouldn’t you? So why go for a deal that sounds too good to be true for a little blue pill (or any other color) just because the Drug Dealer is calling themselves an ‘Online Pharmacist’? If there is no money to be made via spam then the incentive to send it is gone.

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